Skateboarding changed my life. This is the answer we get every time we talk skateboarding with the skate community. Inspired by Pushing Borders, we want to create a safe space where people from different communities get to share their stories. Such as coping with chronic and mental health, womxn in skateboarding, LGBTQ+ in skateboarding, confidence building and more.

We will be asking you "What does skateboarding mean to you?" and "How has skateboarding had an impact on the quality of your life?“ 

The talks can include art, poetry, anecdotes, or simply just talking about one's experiences. Please send us a love letter if you want to open up your heart, let us learn and be inspired by you. 

Your story can be shared on our online platform @hera_skate through a short video or at our Hera Talk events where up to 20 womxn can take part to share, listen and discuss. 

Preach and practice lxdies!